November 18, 2006

Call for artists/participants

For this project I’m asking for artists to make their own unique and personal prayer flags – you may wish to represent your culture/unique identity/wish for things like world peace, good health, a better job, a prayer for someone else or bigger boobs and a flat screen tv – it’s your call. Work should be done on material or flexible paper or other product that moves in the wind. I would encourage you to recycle some of your old clothing for the project. The work will be outside so may get damaged or be otherwise lost after installation. Size should be 9x10 (inches) or smaller (anything smaller will be attached or sewn onto another piece).
The work will be documented on this website as it is received (dates on blog do not reflect actual date of received work...due to blogger layout)- actual outdoor installation will be announced at a future date.

History: Prayer flags come from Tibetan Buddhists who for centuries have placed these sacred flags, inscribed with symbols, prayers, and mantras outside of their homes and places of spiritual practice. Outside the wind activates the blessings and serves as a visual reminder to viewers to work and pray for the welfare of others. Flags express positive intentions and are said to bring happiness, long life and prosperity to the flag planter and those in the area. Traditionally prayer flags come in five colours that represent space/water/fire/air and earth.


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